Information Technology

Word Processing (5N1358)

The purpose of this award is to ensure that the learner is fully capable of using a broad range of word processing features to work effectively and produce clear printouts. On successful completion of the course the learner will be able to: use the ribbon/toolbars, create and format documents, use correct page setup/print procedures, use proofing tools, apply correct file management features, use tables, use mail merge for letters/labels and use appropriate word processing application features.

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Learning Outcomes

Learners will be able to:

  1. Describe a typical word processing application in terms of common uses and features including - text manipulation, document formatting, graphics, tabs, tables, mail merge and label printing
  2. Identify frequently-used toolbar icons and related functions associated with file handling and text formatting
  3. Create documents applying a range of text processing features including - margins and line spacing, indenting text and paragraphs, borders and shading, numbering and bullets, copying and pasting text, enhancing text
  4. Perform initial document configuration using page setup features to include - headers and footers, page numbering, paper size and orientation
  5. Use a range of proofing tools including - spell check, thesaurus, search and replace
  6. Apply file management facilities, including - creating files and folders, saving files in different formats, copying files an folders, renaming files, accessing file details, finding files using search facility
  7. Apply a range of table features including - creating tables, resizing, merging cells, inserting or deleting columns and rows, aligning text, applying borders and shading to tables and sorting table content
  8. Create mailmerge and labels
  9. Use markup capabilities to make track changes to documents
  10. Produce a range of different types of documents using common word processing features including - manual text formatting, applying styles, creating tables, inserting and manipulating graphics
  11. Print mailable documents and labels using a range of print features, to include - print preview, single and multiple copies, printing specific pages, selecting parameters and adjusting the appearance and positioning of text and graphics
  12. Use a word processing application to create a file from a document template by performing all required steps including creating and storing the template, entering data, and printing and storing the file appropriately for subsequent retrieval
  13. Improve personal performance by using additional resources such as the help facility to solve familiar and unfamiliar word processing problems.

Programme Details

  • Award Title: Word Processing (5N1358)

  • Duration: 150 Hrs of with 50 are direct learning, and 100 self directed

  • Entry Requirements: QQI Level 4 certificate, Leaving certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences

  • Award Type: Minor Award

  • Framework Level: NFQ Level 5

  • Awarding Body: QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland)

  • Assessment:
    1. Collection of work
    2. Assignment
    3. Examination

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    Evidence to confirm implementation of the NCU Training Protection for Learners Policy includes:

    1. A statement of arrangements for Protection for Learners in programme information for relevant programmes of over three months’ duration.
    2. Fee refund documentation, where it applies.
    3. Learner transfer documentation, in the event of the unexpected cessation of programmes

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  • Price: €250 (Excluding Certification Fee)
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