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Customer Service (5N0972)

The purpose of this programme is to ensure that graduates have the required skills, knowledge and competence to provide customer service to current criteria within a work, social or voluntary environment, operating independently or as part of a team. Candidates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the value of customer service in these settings and be able to apply this understanding to real life situations. Candidates will examine the role and responsibilities of a representative of an organisation, improve their communication skills and familiarise themselves with current legislation on consumer rights and equality issues. Candidates will become familiar with information and communication technologies and authoring/replying to a range of written and electronic correspondences.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and its content, it has made me feel more confident in dealing with people over the phone" - Emma

Learning Outcomes

Learners will be able to:

  1. Examine the principles of customer service within a range of environments
  2. Identify the key features of good customer service, to include distinguishing between different kinds of customers, making a good first impression, meeting customer needs, catering for diversity and disability, understanding and responding to customer perceptions
  3. Explain the standards or rating system by which customer service is developed and measured in an industry-specific area
  4. Identify, for a vocationally-specific area, key elements of consumer legislation and the functions of associated regulatory organisations providing customer protection, representation and redress
  5. Explain how customer service enhances organisational effectiveness and success, to include practical examples of organisations with good customer care
  6. Describe how customer perceptions can be influenced, to include elements such as the physical environment, printed materials, the personal presentation and conduct of a customer contact person
  7. Apply the personal skills, qualities and attitudes required to perform effectively when dealing with customers, to include active listening skills, positive body language and observation of customer behaviour
  8. Use appropriate communication technologies to include, telephone, audio visual, conferencing, email and other interactive media in a range of customer service situations
  9. Use written and verbal skills to include appropriate style, language and tone
  10. Handle a range of correspondence and records providing a service to the customer, to include orders, invoices, payments, and correspondence made both in writing and electronically
  11. Respond to customer complaints and compliments in accordance with organisational policy
  12. Handle a range of challenging situations, to include late and unexpected arrivals, customer errors, difficult customers, changing environments
  13. Demonstrate team or group work in providing customer care, to include allocation of roles and responsibilities, good communication and feedback, awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses when dealing with customers.

Programme details

  • Award Title: Customer Service (5N0972)

  • Duration: This programme is delivered over 150 hours, 50 of which are directed learning and the remaining 100 hours in self-directed learning.

  • Entry requirements: QQI Level 4 certificate, Leaving certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences.

  • Award Type: Minor Award

  • Framework Level: NFQ Level 5

  • Awarding Body: QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland)

  • Assessment:
    1. Skill Demonstration
    2. Assignment
    3. Examination

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