Who We Are?

NCU Training is a non-profit independent organisation and our role in today's economy like many other not for profit organisations is to play a vital part in the recovery process during this recession. Non-profits are expected to operate on a higher, nobler plane than other organisations, and we insist that they focus on public good rather than private gain in accomplishing their goals. Non-profits have proven to be effective instruments for addressing social needs outside of Government. To perform effectively, however, they must be free to take risks. Try new approaches and invest in solutions as they see fit. This means developing, strategies and skills to build the capacities to serve their communities to become self-sufficient and to compete for resources needed to achieve their mission.

Important information

How did NCU Training become the preferred training centre for thousands of now certified clients?

  1. Our course duration's (are a minimum of four full days on all our Level 5 and 6 courses to) strictly conform to the QQI Guidelines (do check the small print of ‘Course Duration’ when comparing costs and quality of other providers)
  2. We maintain the closest of liaison with QQI to continually upgrade our courses
  3. National employers have shown a definite preference for NCU Training, Trained job-seekers in various fields
  4. We offer a wide choice of in-house progression training to ambitious learners
  5. We offer in-house job-seeking skills training as an add-on to regular courses

In spite of the best quality, how does the NCU Training offer the lowest of prices?

  1. We are a non-profit charitable organisation (CHY No. 15618) committed to serving the community on a no-profit no-loss basis
  2. Learner-Progression is our only motto as opposed to profit acqusition, as followed by other ‘Commercial Training centres’
  3. We are not obliged to pay any middlemen-fees for obtaining QQI Certifications for our learners, thus passing on the fee-advantage to the candidates

The only ‘Protection for Learners’ of its kind provided by NCU Training in Ireland

NCU Training is one of 2 unique course providers in the Country that offers full fee protection to learners for all programmes, including those that are of less than three months’ duration. This legally binding arrangement goes far beyond the provisions of Section 43 of the Qualifications Act, which only requires that learner fees be protected if, for whatever reason, we cease to provide the programmes that are over 3 months in duration. All course fees for programmes of whatever duration are fully protected with NCU Training and secured by an International Insurance Guarantee.

Our Pass Rates

Health and safety 98%
Healthcare 99%
Information technology 97%
Security training 98%
Education and training 97%
Financial 98%
Retail sales, marketing &PR 97%
Food safety 98%

ncu training

NCU Training is part of NCU CLG,
A not for profit company serving the community for more than 30 years

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  • NCU is a great place to do your training, it's facilities are brilliant and all the staff were very helpful with all my needs
    Janice Smith / Healthcare Trainee
  • I found NCU to be very good, I really enjoyed my course and would recommend it anyone.
    John McCarthy / Computer Trainee
  • I completed a train the trainer at NCU and found the centre and all staff to be excellent.
    Peter Brady / completed train the trainer
  • I would recommend NCU to anyone, they do great work in the community and offer many services for free.
    Kathy Wilson / Social Welfare officer